Fall Into Balance Cleanse

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Like a tree shedding its leaves, fall is an important time to prepare our bodies for the coming season of colder weather and shorter days. It’s an important time to focus on lung and large intestine health and maximize the power of our natural immunity-boosting and detoxing organs so that we are strong and healthy and better able to ward off colds, flu, COVID!, and the usual stress that piles on during the holiday season.

This cleanse is the perfect reset. No starvation or liquid diet required. It is meant to be gentle yet effective in detoxifying and resetting your system to help you feel refreshed, energized, and balanced. You may also notice your sugar and caffeine cravings vanish, bloating decreases, and sleep and mood improve. You’ll start with a 5 day, semi-mono-diet cleanse based on Ayurvedic principles. Then you have the option to continue the cleanse, for a total of 14 – 21 days, introducing more variety into your diet but focusing on plant-based, unprocessed, whole foods. I’ve included a sample meal plan and plenty of scrumptious, easy autumn recipes to keep you nourished and inspired.

A cleanse can be about so much more than food. This one offers the option for a total mind, body, spirit experience. There are suggestions for adding breathwork, movement, journaling, and extra self-care rituals that will both ease some of the discomfort associated with cleanses, enhance your experience, and prolong the amazing results of giving yourself the gift of slowing down and realigning with the new season.

Ready to start your cleanse? When you sign up, you will receive the recipes, extra cleanse goodies with journalling ideas, and yoga and breathwork videos to support and guide you on your journey. I will send those via email with links to download or view the content as well as a few words of encouragement. I’m on this journey myself and will be checking in on social to share my experience. I’d love to hear about yours as well. Email me amy@myaspirezen.com or DM me on Instagram or Facebook.

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“Taking the time to cleanse our homes, to re-establish our physical energies, and to refresh our spiritual lives, can only bring renewed benefits into our lives, and a return of true health.”
― Runa Pigden